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Happy New Year: Cyberjaya's 20 Years of Pioneering Innovations

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As we reflect on 2016, I can’t help but be grateful with what the year has taught us. The projects and collaborations we carried out throughout the year brought us closer to our vision in transforming Cyberjaya into a Global Technology Hub. That has been our utmost commitment ever since we received this mandate in 2014 to help create economic value for the country through the growth of innovations, investments and high-value job creation.

In ensuring that we stay focused on our goal, two pillars were identified to help us constantly have our eye on the ball – creating Cyberjaya as a smart city and positioning the city as a living lab for smart city solutions. I’m glad that we have adhered to these two elements in 2016 as we stayed true to ourselves in working closely with experts in specific fields. From an early stage, we realised that it was essential to get other parties onboard our initiatives, in line with our strategy to engage, partner, and collaborate with experts in order to see Cyberjaya’s transformation come to fruition.

Collaboratively, we have seen numerous achievements for 2016, both from a smart city and living lab perspective notably: -

Creating Cyberjaya as a smart city

  1. Our resolution to improve the liveability of Cyberjaya by developing the IoT-based Smart Traffic Management Solution with TM’s VADS Lyfe.  Apart from reducing travel and waiting times along the 8 intersections along Persiaran Multimedia, the roll-out of the solution is seen to complement the requirements for Cyberjaya as a pioneer city under the Low Carbon City Framework.
  2. Our partnership with Atilze to build, operate and commercialise a city-wide LoRa network placed Cyberjaya on the map as the first city in South East Asia to be equipped with such a network. LoRa also provides us with cost effective means of implementing relevant IoT applications for Cyberjaya to enhance urban management.

Positioning Cyberjaya as a living lab for smart city solutions

  1. The latest instalment of our accelerator programme, the Cyberview 4th Living Lab Accelerator Programme saw the selection of five startups from the fintech and IoT space. This batch will be the pioneer team to work out of CoInnov8, the collaborative space for technopreneurs to co-habitate and be exposed to networking opportunities through the recently established Cyberjaya City Innovation Council.
  2. Cyberjaya is a testbed for ideas and innovations, and we are providing these startups to pilot their inventions within this community as 20 percent of the city’s total population are early tech adopters. So it’s a convergence of ideas that we’re trying to achieve here coupled with the opportunites in Cyberjaya for these solutions to be deployed. Ultimately, these initiatives will solve problems and heighten the liveability factor of Cyberjaya. This is of course one of the elements that would serve our bigger goal which is to elevate Cyberjaya into a Global Technology Hub.

As we bid farewell to 2016 and usher in 2017, we will also be celebrating Cyberjaya’s 20th Anniversary. What Cyberjaya has become over the last two decades is testament to the spirit of growth and transformation that is inevitable in the fast-moving world of technology. But amidst the change, Cyberjaya has always stayed true to its form of being home to inventors, innovators, technopreneurs, and game-changers. We will continue to work relentlessly to elevate Cyberjaya into a Global Technology Hub. In order to reach this ultimate goal, we are committed to continue building an ecosystem that enables the Cyberjaya community to thrive together. Let’s envision Cyberjaya as a hub where entrepreneurs, researchers, investors, and industry leaders take innovative technology ideas from concepts and startups to eventually grow them into businesses capable of competing in the global scene. That’s the goal we’re striving for. Every step and decision made in 2016 brought us closer to this vision, and 2017 will be no exception.

2017, let’s hit it. 

Dato' Faris Yahaya
Managing Director of Cyberview Sdn Bhd