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A blueprint coming true

Capital Creation Blueprint

Published: Monday August 08, 2016
By: Faris Yahaya

Cyberjaya is edging closer to becoming the country’s Capital of Creation, as a combination of smart infrastructure, a collaborative eco-system and talents help to usher in an environment that encourages creativity and innovation.

IN THE past few weeks, I’ve laid my thoughts down on a number of subjects close to my heart. I’ve discussed where Malaysia is headed with the Internet of Things, what unlocking the value of Big Data can do for us and how disruption is the figurative root-word of innovation.

I’ve also expounded at length on the virtues of failure, shared an ideal vision of what a collaboration economy would look like and how collaboration can be nurtured by purpose-built spaces.

The sum of all these thoughts brings us to where Cyberview stands today — not only as a government-owned company responsible for spearheading the development of Cyberjaya by undertaking commercial and socio-economic activities but also as an enabler of global tech hubs.

In 2013, we undertook a comprehensive 10-week study on leading tech focus areas which we could leverage on and lead in terms of development. This was not for inspiration, but to formulate a solid plan. This plan would lay out our next steps in building on the successes Cyberjaya had achieved since its founding in 1997.

Our Global Tech Hub Blueprint has since guided our hand in accelerating the elevation of Cyberjaya into a global tech hub that would help us to create economic value for the country through the growth of innovations, investments and high-value job creation.

Our blueprint calls for the establishment of an eco-system enabling close collaborations between the innovation industry, academicians and Government — particularly in the then-nascent industries of the Internet of Things, Big Data and creative content development and marketing.

Underpinning this eco-system are long-term development strategies spearheaded by Cyberview in three key areas: strengthening our foundational network comprising infrastructure, incentives, talent and community; driving collaborations with eco-system partners; and driving investments in strategic focus areas.

Over the past couple of years, we have made significant progress in these key areas, bringing Cyberjaya that much closer to truly being Malaysia’s “Capital of Creation”, an identity befitting the city’s aspirations.

In strengthening our foundational network of hard and soft assets, Cyberjaya today benefits from the enhanced liveability smart cities offer to residents and visitors alike.

For instance, we’ve deployed Smart Environment measures to improve energy and resource efficiency. There are also technologies in place to elevate the economy — including solutions like interactive hyperlocal advertising to offer products and services to the right people at the right time.

In addition, residents (including businesses) and visitors now have Internet access with speeds of up to 1Gbps broadband (by Aries Telecom). And in July this year, Cyberjaya has become the first township where network operators can offer high-speed Internet and 4G LTE connectivity courtesy of the 22 High Speed Mobility Solution to be deployed by Axiata Group’s telecommunication infrastructure service arm, edotco Malaysia.

And we are also taking steps towards rebooting our City Command Centre, a one-stop centre that integrates & automates all aspects & functions of the city, including transportation efficiency as well as security and surveillance.

More importantly, however, is how these smart city initiatives feed into another key area: driving collaborations with eco-system partners.

As a destination that champions collaborative innovations, Cyberjaya supports its population of nearly 88,000 knowledge and high-skilled workers (and many others requiring such services) with the ready availability of physical spaces such as Centres of Excellence capable of nurturing startups and companies, and building solutions with the best combination of products and technologies.

Here in Cyberjaya for instance, we are rejuvenating existing properties into collaborative spaces namely COINNOVATE and COCREATE — focusing on creative content, smart city solutions, the Internet of Things and fintech development. Put that together with the various assets under our Living Lab initiatives run in collaboration with industry giants to encourage creativity and innovation, ours is a city poised to leapfrog towards the upcoming phases of our blueprint and into the great beyond.

So, at this stage, how do we go from where we are to where we want to be? That is, a synergistic community where startups, SMEs and big companies, both local and foreign, from the various technology sectors come together with end-to-end support for the whole value chain?

Let me put it this way; if Cyberjaya was a canvas, the innovation community that we call our family is the artist.

On this front, we aim squarely for our third key area — accelerating the growth of investments into Cyberjaya while continuing to make strides in expanding our talent pool into a talent ocean.

With the presence of SME tech companies, tech startups and private universities in the township, our community of techies, students and residents has been growing steadily and is estimated to reach a population of 100,000 by end-2016. We have also facilitated and nurtured the growth of a tight network of public-private partnerships that will benefit people seeking to leverage the talent and resources available for their own endeavours.

To ensure that we continue delivering on our promise, we remain fully committed to our culture of openness.

We are open to bold new ideas, businesses and collaborations.

Collaboration and engagement is key. For innovation to truly take off, it needs to be nurtured from the ground up, responding and reacting to market forces and demands. Our role as enabler is to set the conditions to facilitate the development of these solutions and then take a step back to let the magic happen.