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Pulse of the Community

What makes Cyberjaya so different from other cities is not just the modern infrastructure, but also a diverse mix of people and its balanced lifestyle.


Say hello to the innovative visionaries of Cyberjaya. Made up of the tech community, students and residents, the city has been growing steadily and has reached a population of more than 144,000 in 2020. With the presence of many multi-national companies and private universities in the township, many expats have also been attracted to set up home in Cyberjaya. A vibrant community, it’s where creative and brilliant-minded people meet and collaborate. 



Equipped with modern and high-tech facilities, Cyberjaya is the city of the future with a twist. While other cities are congested with sky-high buildings, Cyberjaya’s state-of-the-art developments are supplemented with a host of recreational facilities. In fact, almost half of its land has been reserved for public amenities and green lung areas. It’s a community that encourages you to have the perfect balance between work and play.

The year Cyberjaya was awarded UNEP’s International Award for Liveable Communities 2013 - Bronze.
Konnichiwa. Bonjour. Jambo. Salam. Expats and international students comprise 12% of Cyberjaya's 70,000-strong population.
Cyberjaya has a relatively young population. 56% belong in the 20-44 age group, with only 8% older than 45 years.


Enjoy peace of mind when you’re out walking the dog or moving about in Cyberjaya. Thanks to a state-of-the-art CCTV system that’s fully integrated with Malaysia’s Emergency Response System (MERS 999), crime rate in the community has successfully been kept low. 

There are 30 cameras guarding the neighbourhood in high-traffic areas such as Persiaran Multimedia, Persiaran APEC, Jalan Teknokrat and Persiaran Semarak Api, near schools and at the public park. At the command centre, police personnel monitor the CCTV footage with a response time of 8 minutes during an emergency, creating a secure environment for the community.

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