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A Place to Call Home

Moving to Cyberjaya is more than just a physical relocation. A growing township in a modern lifestyle setting, it’s the ideal place to call home.

Moving to Malaysia

If you’ve ever been to Malaysia, you’d be quick to realise how multicultural it is. The official language is Bahasa Malaysia, but English is widely spoken, especially in the urban areas. Malaysians are known for their great hospitality, making it easy for expats to settle in (not to mention Malaysia’s natural beauty, vibrant shopping and awesome food!).

The infrastructure in Malaysia is one of the most advanced in the region, with modern highways, state-of-the-art airports, international seaports, advanced telecommunications networks and world-class medical facilities available. 

The year Cyberjaya was awarded UNEP’s International Award for Liveable Communities 2013 - Bronze.
The Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) visa lets you retire in Malaysia while enjoying tax breaks on cars and homes.
By 2016, there will be more than 28,000 residential units in Cyberjaya with an expected population of 100,000.
According to the ICT Job Market Outlook Report 2014, Cyberjaya pays 38% higher than other locations for ICT-related jobs.

Visas & Permits

As a foreigner entering Malaysia, you will need to have the following documents:

  • Valid passport or travel document with at least six months validity from date of entry
  • Visa (if applicable)
  • Visit pass


A visa may be required for citizens of some countries. If you require a visa to enter Malaysia, you must obtain it in advance at any Malaysian Representative Office abroad before entering the country.


A visit pass is an endorsement in the passport constituting permission to stay for an approved duration. Other than applications to enter the country for social or business purposes, all applications for other types of passes must be made before arrival in the country. There are seven types of passes that may be applied:

i. Visit Pass (Social) Short Term

This pass is issued to foreigners for the purpose of a social and/or business visit only and cannot be used for employment or for supervising the installation of new machinery or the construction of a factory.

ii. Visit Pass (Social) Long Term

This pass may be issued to foreigners for temporary stay in Malaysia for a period of not less than six months. Extensions may be given based on eligibility.

iii. Visit Pass (Temporary Employment)

This is issued to foreigners who enter the country to take up employment for less than 24 months.

iv. Employment Pass

For foreigners taking up employment for a minimum period of two years, this pass is issued after the applicant has obtained the approval for expatriate post from the relevant authorised agencies.

v. Visit Pass (Professional)

This is issued to foreigners for the purpose of engaging on short-term contract with any agency.

vi. Dependant Pass

This is issued for the families of expatriates. It may be applied together with the application for an employment pass or after the employment pass is issued.

vii. Student Pass

This is issued to foreigners who wish to study in Malaysia. 


If you already have an Employment Pass or are submitting an application for an Employment Pass, you can apply for a Dependant Pass for your spouse and children under the age of 21. This pass allows your spouse to work without having to change to an Employment Pass, provided he/she has acquired working approval from the Immigration Department.


MIDA – Immigration Procedures 
Malaysia’s Visa Requirements 
Malaysia Visa Requirements by Expat Go Malaysia 


Located in Cyberjaya, the MSC Malaysia e-Xpats Centre was set up to support business growth by transforming complex processes into a simpler, more convenient and secure system. It is a one-stop centre to assist foreign knowledge workers and MSC-status companies in applying for the relevant passes for employment and stay in MSC Malaysia. Its online e-Xpats system is linked to the Immigration Department of Malaysia (IDM) and Malaysian missions abroad.


  •  Collection and delivery of passports and relevant documents
  •  Review and consultancy for applications
  •  Submissions on behalf of MSC Malaysia-status companies to the  Immigration Department of Malaysia for issuance and endorsement of  passes


 i-locationeXpats Service Centre, Suite 2.1, Level 2, East Wing, 3539 Axis Eureka (formerly known as FSBM Plaza), Jalan Teknokrat 7,63000 Cyberjaya i-phone +603 8315 3106i-mail expatctr@mdec.com.my i-web Visit website


The Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) Programme allows foreigners who fulfil a certain criteria, to stay in Malaysia for as long as possible on a multiple-entry social visit pass. With this programme, you are free to stay in Malaysia and travel as often as you like with no restriction or minimum period of stay. Some of the benefits of this programme are:

i. Tax-free car

Participants can import a car or purchase a new locally assembled or locally made car tax-free. 

ii. House purchase

Participants can purchase any number of residential properties in Malaysia with a minimum price of MYR 500,000 per unit. (Certain restrictions apply in some states.)

iii. Domestic helper

Participants can bring along one helper from their country to help out at home. The maid visa is restricted to females between 21 to 45 years, and will be issued on a yearly basis subject to successful medical check-ups.

iv. Business and investment

Participants are allowed to set up 100% foreign-owned private companies and enjoy the freedom to invest in local share markets.


Malaysia My Second Home Portal
Expatriate Services

Cost of Living in Cyberjaya

To get an idea of the living expenses in Cyberjaya, here are the average costs of some basic items:

Average Cost (MYR)
A meal in an inexpensive restaurant
A meal in a mid-range restaurant
Bottled water (0.33 litre)
Milk (1 litre)
Loaf of bread
A dozen eggs

Utilities (Monthly)

Basic (electricity, water, etc) for an apartment
High-speed Internet


1-bedroom apartment in city centre
1-bedroom apartment outside city centre
3-bedroom apartment in city centre
3-bedroom apartment outside city centre

*Figures from Numbeo 

Finding a Home

Whether you’re looking to rent or buy, the growing township of Cyberjaya is a great place to call home. The residential areas of Cyberjaya consist of service residences, condominiums, apartments and landed properties, with many other projects in development stages. 

For rentals, it is a normal practice for landlords to require tenants to sign a Tenancy Agreement for a minimum of 12 months stay, as well as pay a rental and security deposit which could be equivalent to three or four months’ rental. 


Cyberjaya Properties

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