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Whether you're looking for a cost-competitive offshore location or a suitable base for your next startup, Cyberjaya is a great place to realise your business dreams.

Investment Hub

World-class facilities, strategically located in the heart of Southeast Asia. A dense concentration of knowledge workers in an otherwise low-density neighbourhood. Tax exemptions and a host of privileges for tech-based businesses. A multi-lingual population, with English spoken everywhere. Easy access to funding, good food, and fun. 

There are many reasons why setting up in Cyberjaya makes good business sense.  With a competitive ringgit and easy availability of talent, Cyberjaya is a value-for-money location, particularly for investors wanting to set up offshore development, back office, and shared services and outsourcing operations.

In fact, the World Bank ranked Malaysia the sixth most business-friendly country in the world, and 18th in ease of doing business. And with a projected GDP of 4.7%, Malaysia offers the ideal prerequisites for your business growth.

3 RD
Out of 51 countries, Malaysia ranks third behind India and China in the 2014 A.T. Kearney Global Services Location Index.
MSC-status companies in Cyberjaya generated a total of MYR 12.53B revenue in 2016.
In 2016, 8.02B was invested in MSC companies in Cyberjaya, contributing a significant amount of the overall MSC investments in Malaysia.
Over 2200 companies are based in Cyberjaya, including 44 multinationals such as HP, DELL, IBM, Shell and DHL.
Six higher learning institutions in Cyberjaya, with 27K university students, provide an upcoming skilled workforce.
According to the Global Finance Magazine in 2013, Malaysia is the world’s 12th easiest country to do business.

World-Class Infrastructure

The Cyberjaya Metro Fibre Network (CMFN) is the data superhighway that connects businesses in Cyberjaya to the world. Running primarily on fibre optics, it delivers up to 100Mbps straight to most buildings, and offers full redundancy throughout the network.

In June 2017, Cyberjaya became the first city in Malaysia to launch the superfast 1Gbps internet called Cyberjaya Broadband to both homes and businesses throughout the city.

Under the MSC Malaysia Bill of Guarantees, MSC Malaysia-status companies are guaranteed world-class infrastructure and advanced telecommunication technologies with a 99.9% guaranteed reliability. Choose from over 50 MSC-compliant buildings with the set-up needed to support the delivery of smart services throughout your organisation.  

For the convenience of the Cyberjaya community, you can also surf the Internet using the Wireless Cyberjaya for free at more than 144 Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the city. 

Diverse Talent Pool

One of the advantages of setting up in Cyberjaya is that you won't have to look very far for a skilled workforce. Cyberjaya's population currently stands at 100,000 people, with more than half—or over 40,000—consisting of valuable knowledge workers. 

And then there are the fresh grads. Armed with ambition, imagination and energy, Cyberjaya’s 27,000-student population offers a diverse, ready market of skilled grads and interns with high employability prospects.

What’s more, for MSC Malaysia-status companies, there are no restrictions on employing foreign knowledge workers. The eXpats Service Centre, located in Cyberjaya, provides both online and physical services to help expedite the visa processing for expats. 

Spotlight: Mad About Grads

There are currently 23,000 students enrolled in Cyberjaya four universities and colleges.
International students make up 40%, adding to Cyberjaya's colourful cultural diversity.
The number of graduates is set to increase when Open University Malaysia begins operations in 2016.
Take your pick of grads from diverse field: business, multimedia, design, education, engineering, IT, medicine, pharmacy and more.

Integrated Transportation System

Good news for globe-trotting business execs – it takes just 20 minutes to get to either the Kuala Lumpur City Centre or the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) from Cyberjaya. You can also opt to take an express train (ERL) from KL Sentral to Putrajaya Sentral Station, and thereafter hop onto a feeder bus to get here.

Cyberjaya’s Dedicated Transportation System (DTS) is a convenient choice for knowledge workers and students commuting to and from Cyberjaya. The service runs 24/7 and departs from nine locations daily, covering the Klang Valley, Banting, Klang, and Seremban. All DTS buses are equipped with Wi-Fi on board and a GPS tracker.

A Park and Ride facility further encourages commuters to park their vehicles at designated car parks for free, and to use buses for their onwards journey around Cyberjaya.

In the works is also a comprehensive bike plan with dedicated bicycle lanes, which will all help in keeping Cyberjaya a green city. 

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