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Welcome to
the Capital

Cyberjaya, the city for creators, investors and change-makers.

Step into The Capital of Creation

A rising Global Tech Hub and the focal point of the fastest evolving industries in world. What fuels the city are the innovators, constantly inventing a better tomorrow, together. The opportunities it offers are limitless and continuously evolving. Never stagnant. Our doors are wide open for you to be part of the largest tech community in the country. Cyberjaya - home to 800 tech companies, 38 multinationals, and 88,000 creative souls.

These are the 5Cs that make The Capital a city of creation.


    Everyone has something to offer from a city-wide application to enterprise tech solution. The Capital thrives on innovation and value creation by its community.


    Access to a vast global network is virtually everywhere. The Capital makes it easier to foster a supportive environment for all businesses.


    With a dense concentration of like-minded tech community, joining forces to set new milestones is a norm. Through synergistic partnership, The Capital takes you to the next level.


    New technologies are constantly being put to test in the city before their global grand launch. The Capital is relatively young but bold in breaking new frontiers.


    Equipped with world-class infrastructure and abundance of young and experienced talents, it’s a no wonder that the city is home to more than 800 tech companies. The Capital, the city that delivers.

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Heroes of Cyberjaya

Not all heroes wear capes. Our heroes take on the future.

The sky is the limit for start-ups and companies that leverage on the Cyberview platform to develop digital and creative tech solutions. But don’t just take our word for it. Meet the Cyberjaya Heroes who have transformed ideas that are out-of-this-world into a successful and sustainable reality. 

  • Massimo Migliuolo
    IOT & Smart Services, Telekom Malaysia
    "Both Cyberview and TM have collaborated successfully in transforming Cyberjaya towards a global technology hub.
    This is perfect fit to our aspiration as the champion of convergence in Malaysia."
  • Khairil Adri Adnan
    Founder & CEO, DreamEDGE
    "Cyberjaya is great as the community here is as passionate as we are in driving innovation and technology.
    This makes it the perfect hub to grow our business ideas into cutting-edge services and solutions."
  • Nizam Razak
    Founder, Animonsta Studios
    "We thrive through Cyberjaya's robust talent pool that gives Animonsta the edge in the creative industry.
    We have been here since 2010 because of the complete ecosystem, state of the art facilities, access to funding and robust talent pool that give our business the edge."
  • Dinesh Selvamurthy
    Founder, Reneon Technologies
    Cyberview Living Lab Pilot
    "We have a grand vision for our innovation to be the building blocks of sustainable cities.
    With Cyberjaya as a living lab to test new technologies, we have been able to roll-out our solutions and build Reneon as an emerging technology company."
  • Thyaga Rajan
    CEO, Basis Bay
    "Cyberjaya provides mature infrastucture with an attractive cost structure.
    A potent combination that has benefitted businesses such as Basis Bay."
  • Nadhir Ashafiq
    Co Founder, TheLorry
    Cyberview Living Lab Accelerator
    "To make it big, surround yourself with like-minded people.
    And that's what we found in Cyberjaya. Mentorship, guidance, connection, and access to innovative minds, just like us."
  • Noor Helmi Noor Hadzmi
    Founder & CEO, IX Telecom
    "Cyberjaya's sound tech ecosystem is critical to our growth.
    From local startups to global tech companies and MNCs, customers to early adopters, incubators and accelerators, fastest Internet and many more. Just name it. They have it!"
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